Out of province inspections are mechanical assessments required by the province of Alberta for any vehicle coming into the province to ensure safety on Alberta roads. Any vehicle coming into Alberta from another province or another country must pass an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection before the vehicle can be registered. These inspections must be performed by journeyman technicians who are specifically licensed by Alberta Transportation’s Vehicle Inspection Program. These inspections must also be done within 90 days of becoming a resident of the province of Alberta.

The process for an Out of Province Inspection is a multi-point mechanical and safety assessment that aims to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive according to Alberta driving standards. JW Auto Centers employs certified journeyman technicians who are able to provide this service for you. To go ahead with an Out of Province Inspection, you need to first visit an Alberta registry office with proof of ownership to get an inspection form that you can bring to our auto center.

Once you have provided proof of ownership and have the inspection request form in hand, we are happy to meet with you and have one of our licensed technicians inspect your vehicle. An Out of Province inspection typically takes 2-3 hours to complete including preparing a report and certification of the inspection.

The inspection includes assessing nearly all vehicle components including engine, transmission, driveline, powertrain, electrical systems, suspension, steering, fuel and exhaust systems, windshield and wipers, lights, brakes, tires and body condition. This inspection also includes an assessment of the vehicles structural integrity to make sure nothing has been compromised by means of past vehicle damage.

If your vehicle passes the inspection done by our licensed technicians, you will receive an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Certificate. This certificate is valid for 14 days in which you will need to return to the registry office to complete the vehicle registration procedure. If you fail to do this within 14 days, a second vehicle inspection must be completed.

On the other hand, some vehicle inspections require further work due to mechanical issues that present themselves during the inspection. The necessary work will need to be completed on the vehicle before it can be re-inspected, certified and fully registered.

All of this can take some time, but it is a necessary procedure that ensures safety when moving from province to province or from out of the country. If you are looking for an Out of Province Inspection, be sure to reach out to JW Auto Centers. We are well equipped with licensed technicians who can assess and certify your vehicle. If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Common Reasons Out of Province Vehicle Inspections Fail

Surprisingly, the most common reasons vehicles fail Out of Province Vehicle Safety Inspections are usually not major mechanical issues and can be relatively easy to fix. Before you bring in your vehicle for an inspection, there are some things you can check yourself.



Inadequate windshield wipers are reason enough to fail an inspection. It seems minor, but compromising your visibility is compromising your safety. If your wiper blades aren’t working well or they have obvious tears or chips, replace them with new blades before bringing your car in.

Burnt out lights

Again, simply replacing a headlamp can make the difference between a pass and a fail. Walk around the vehicle with the lights on and have someone turn on your indicator lights, hazard lights, and press the brake. You can replace the lights affordably and easily before your out of province vehicle inspection.

Cracks in the windshield

A windshield replacement isn’t as inexpensive as wipers and lights, but if your glass is in bad shape, the vehicle will not pass the inspection.

Brakes need replacing

If your brake pads or shoes are long due for service and are worn down too far, your vehicle might not pass inspection. Having reliable brakes is obviously important to safely operating a motor vehicle. Our trained and professional technicians here at Autocenter can quickly repair and replace your vehicle’s brakes.

Worn tires

If the tires on the vehicle have little to no thread, it will not pass an out of province vehicle inspection. We can provide a selection of tire and install them for you if the vehicle needs them.

Check engine light is on

There’s a problem. You just don’t know what it is! Revolution Motors can run a computer diagnostic on it for you to determine what it is. Since you won’t know if the issue is mild or severe until the diagnostic is run, we can’t pass our vehicle if that light is on.