Oil Change for Cars,Trucks & RV's

Most people rarely think of their oil in their car as they go about their daily lives, but automobiles are made up of thousands of moving parts, and these vehicle parts are crucial to your car running smoothly, and part of having a vehicle run smoothly is performing regular oil changes. When a vehicle owner neglects to have oil changes, they cause harm to a vehicle, which causes unnecessary risks to vehicle drivers and passengers.

At JW auto centers, we recommend that drivers make oil changes a routine because when a car’s oil is not changed, it can harm the other moving parts of the vehicle.

Key Takeaways for car, truck, and other vehicle oil changes

  • When a vehicle owner fails to replace oil regularly, it can reduce gas mileage, which increases gas consumption. Drivers who have regular oil changes performed experience improved gas mileage, proper engine lubrication.
  • Oil changes are straightforward and usually take about one hour. our technicians will have you back on the road.
  • We will replace the engine oil and oil filters, check tire pressure, wear, and top up other important fluids.
  • Increasing the lifespan of any vehicle is as simple as remembering to change your oil at regular intervals.
  • Remember to stick to your vehicle’s maintenance plan to keep your car in good working condition.
  • Vehicles need to be brought in after intervals of 5000 to 8000 miles. Vehicles that are used more frequently in hot regions need to be checked more frequently.
  • While engine heat is normal, you never want your engine to overheat. Failure to make oil changes at the right time leads to overheating, which is bad for your car. It is essential to regularly check your oil levels if you want to stay transparent with your engine’s problems.
  • Newer car models have oil indicators that make it easier to identify when your car needs an oil change.
  • Another factor that should convince you to go for your oil change today is the build-up of dirt, which leads to sludge. Sludge is a bad development that occurs when you don’t regularly change vehicle oil.

The Benefits of Oil Changes

Did you know that engine oil deteriorates over tune due to friction, high temperatures, and contaminants from fuel residue? When this happens, the oil loses its lubrication properties, and if not replaced, it may cause damage to a vehicle’s engine?

At JW auto center, we use a high-quality API certified conventional oil or a full synthetic oil in all our oil changes.

  • The benefits of oil changes cannot be overstated; apart from keeping your engine lubricated, fresh oil keeps gaskets and engine seals in perfect condition.
  • Oil lubricates moving parts keeping your engine working.
  • Oil changes cost less compared to other repair services.
  • Oil changes are generally inexpensive and an efficient way to increase the lifespan of your vehicle.
  • Engine oil provides much-needed lubrication needed to keep vehicles on-the-go.

Why Trust JW Auto Centers for Oil Changes

We know how hard it is to find competent auto mechanics, which is why we make sure vehicle oil levels are at optimum levels, resulting in better performance.  At JW auto center, we offer client-specific suggestions for your oil change service to help you save money, reduce operational costs and improve vehicle efficiency.

  • We have been in business since 1997, that’s almost 25 years in business!
  • We operate out of a 15,000 square foot repair facility in the Foothills industrial part of Calgary.