Your vehicle’s braking system is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Your vehicle might have every bell and whistle when it comes to comfort and style, but if you neglect proper maintenance and repair on your brakes, you can end up in a terrible situation.

Like all vehicle maintenance, it’s important to be proactive with brake maintenance in order to prevent major repairs. Components like brake pads are designed to wear down gradually, but if you wait until a designated time to replace them, it might be too late. Additionally, if you wait too long to change certain components (eg. brake pads), you compound the problem as the stress of the system begins to be shared by other components (rotors, callipers, etc).

Whether you’re looking for a quick brake inspection, regular maintenance or a significant repair, JW Auto Centers is fully equipped to offer the service you need.

Signs You May Need Brake Servicing

  • Squealing noise. Any sort of squealing or grinding noise when you apply the brakes in your vehicle is a sign you should bring your vehicle in for an inspection to see what’s going on.
  • Hitting brakes harder. Needing to push harder than normal on your brake pedal is an indicator that something might be wrong with your braking system.
  • Vibrating brake pedal. If your braking system is not functioning optimally, you may notice your brake pedal vibrates when you’re attempting to slow your vehicle down.
  • Falling brake pedal. This is one of the most obvious signs your brakes are in need of maintenance or repair. If you notice this, get it checked out as soon as you can.
  • Vehicle pull. Your vehicle may pull to the right or left if your brake system is worn out in some way.
  • Brake fluids. Brake fluids should be checked, changed or flushed at regular intervals. If you ever notice leaking brake fluid, be sure you get your vehicle serviced immediately.
  • Burning smell. A burning smell can be the result of repeated hard braking. If you notice this, it is worthwhile to get your brakes inspected before more serious damage can occur.

No Obligation Brake Inspection

If you have any sort of suspicion when it comes to your brakes, don’t hesitate to call or come in for a no-obligation brake inspection. At JW Auto Centers, we are happy to help you diagnose what you’re noticing and do our best to keep your vehicle functioning at its highest level. Our certified technicians can offer you professional advice and premium parts that will keep you as safe as you’ve ever been on the road.